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Thursday, February 16th, 2006
5:16 pm
Ocean Ghosts
and a new website http://scottyboombox.com/oceanghosts/

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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
10:13 pm
Why does everything need a subject?
She floats above the ground with naked and unclean feet. She glides three inches above the floor with her head held high and her heart hung low. She smiles her infectious smile on her lips, not her eyes, to keep the rest of the world at arm’s length…

…He crawls along the ground because the weight of the world holds him down. The troubles he bears stoically, because no one can share his burdens. His eyes downcast and his arms up to protect himself from the numerous objects cast down from the heavens. He hides his frown in the dirt to keep the rest of the world at arm’s length…

…She floats three inches above the ground because she has detached herself from the reality of her life. She has lost the feel of how her own problems affect her. She hides her head in the clouds so she can not see, nor be seen. She no longer feels the cold ground on her feet nor cleans the mud from between her toes. They remain unclean even though it seems an eternity since they last touched the ground...

…He crawls in direct relation to her floating. If he could take on the weight of her world perhaps she could remain afloat. If he remains dirty, perhaps she can remain above it all, pure and pristine. He holds her up through pure force of will to reside and dance among the heavens like an angel…

…She perceives him and loves him. She remains in the air to show him how much. She remains afloat to show him the effort he puts forth each day is not in vain even though all she wants is to come back to earth like everyone else. She’s tired of the stares she gets in crowds. All she wants is to fit in...

…He loves her because she doesn’t. He loves the subtle differences between her and the rest of the human race; for her self-sacrificing heart, for her insight into others, and for her depth. He holds her up for the world to see her beauty. He wants her to stand out, to fulfill her potential. He loves her yet is in love with who she might become. All he wants is the rest of the world to acknowledge what he sees in her…

…So he crawls and hurts and bears the weight of the world to hold her up, to let her fly, to keep her dancing with all the other angels where he feels that she belongs. And should she fall he would catch her and love her all the same because he does not love her because she floats, but he feels she should be lifted by the fact that he loves her.

Current Mood: blah
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
7:17 pm
She glitters and sparkles like a diamond upon her pedastol and projects rainbows on the walls as the light moves through her like a prism. She has a problem with the distinction between dream and fantasy. She lives in a waking dream walking towards the fantasies she imagined her life as, this defense mechanism is designed to keep her separate from the rest of the world.

She shines in the confines of her own prison, built from the fortified walls that her defenses have become. She lights these walls surrounding her with magical shapes and happy thoughts of music and love. She constantly sings to herself, a song she had written years ago that she can never remember the full lyrics to, and she remains off key by exactly one half step, yet she continues to smile in a way that she shares with no one. Each day she waits for someone to share the song with, maybe someone who will help her remember the words, perhaps someone who knows the words already, but each day she slips farther in the away. The rainbows grow larger and the colors deeper and all she can do is admire them as she drifts peacefully within herself.

She has successfully detached from the rest of the world swaying in the wind between dream and fantasy, comfortable only in her impentrable fortress away from the pain and fierce emotion that is reality. She eludes the stares and whispers that barrage her from the outside world as she dances through life separate from the people who would look down upon her and berrate her for not conforming to the whims of society, for staying one full step beyond the norm. She feels awkward and alone in large groups of people. She lies to keep people at a safe distance not to impress and all she wants is to be left alone.

Because when she's alone she sees the rainbows, and the music plays uninterrupted in her head, and she lives in a world of unicorns and dragons, and her smile lights her eyes which lights the walls which will never leave her alone in the dark.

Current Mood: complacent
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